Uncontested scrummages

Some of you may have noticed some discussions regarding what happens when a team has to go to uncontested scrummages due to either and injury or a yellow or Red card being shown to a front row player. Unfortunately like with other points of law there seems to be a range of opinions from the sidelines but as the man in the Middle the referee should be clear.

This is the scenario that started the discussion.  Fortunately the referee on the day got it right.

This was a level 7 game (D&N1), and both sides had one front row replacement.

Team A substituted (tactically) their tight head in the 1st half.

The replacement tight head was subsequently injured in the second half.

He was duly replaced by the starting tight head, as per regulations.

However, this player (starting tight head) was then sin binned for 10 minutes.

The referee allowed Team A to keep 14 men on the field (as it was the 2nd occasion), but went to uncontested scrums.

He required both teams to have 8 forwards in these scrums.

Here is a link to help you Uncontested Scummages