The Durham County RFU Referees’ Society is now an Incorporated Company, limited by guarantee.  

Becoming an Incorporated Company meant a change to the organisation and committee structure of the Society

The new structure is outlined below.

    Durham County RFU Referees’ Society Ltd, Board of Directors 2023-2024

Alan HughesDirector
Philip WaltonDirector
 David SawyerDirector
Simon WilliamsDirector


       General Committee 2023-2024

Alan HughesDirector – Chair, Match Official Appointment Group Manager, Strategy Group Manager
Philip WaltonDirector – Vice Chair
Simon WilliamsDirector – Hon Secretary, Membership Group Manager
David SawyerDirector – Hon Treasurer, Finance Group Manager 
John HeselwoodTraining and Development Group Manager
Alan ThompsonCommunications Group Manager
Colin DavisonReferees Member Representative
Cameron PattersonReferees Member Representative
Kevin BannonCounty Committee Representative to Refs Society
Steve HaveryCounty Committee Representative to Refs Society
   Finance Group for 2020-2021
Name Position(s)
David Sawyer Finance Group Manager 

 Membership Group (MG) for 2020-2021

 Colin DavisonMembership Group Manager
 Simon Williams 

Training & Development Group (T&D) for 2023-2024

John HeselwoodChair, RFU Educator, Society Advisor Development Officer
Alan HughesRFU Educator
David HinesAdvisors Secretary
Cameron Patterson 

Match Official Development Group (MOAG) for 2023-2024

Alan HughesMatch Official Development Group Manager
Alan ThompsonAppointments Secretary & Exchanges
David SwainsonMidweek Appointments Secretary
David HinesAdvisors Secretary
John HeselwoodSociety Advisor Development Officer
 David Sawyer Director

   Communications Group  for 2023-2024

Alan ThompsonCommunications Group Manager 
 Simon Williams 
 Laura Lines