Coach/Buddy Pairings

Each year members are asked who would want a coach/buddy and who would be prepared to help with coaching/buddying their colleagues. As indicated at the time, those who responded would be included and an assumption made that those who did not would not want to be involved. As a result the following people have been paired up. (I have added the Below is a list of Fed and Society coach/buddy pairings. The Federation squad members first followed by the Society pairings


Matt Dunn. Alan Beecroft
Lewis Harrison. Alan Hughes
Tony Jenkins. Derek English
Alex McKinder. Malcolm Shorney
Adam Morrison. Dave Sawyer
Sam O’Neil. John Denham
Thomas Hirdley. John Heselwood
Gareth Foreman. Steve Havery
Phil Jukes. Brian Watt
Simon Williams. Dave Bell
Mark Moss. Dave Swainson
Adrian Rose. Dave Winthrop


Michael George Adam Morrison.
Les Cash Andy Wilson.
Kevin Allison Les Cash.
Chris Wilcox Tony Rutherford.
Lyndsey Evans Trevor Alley.
Steven Green Paul Mackings.
Tony Rutherford Mike Hodgson.
Phil Walton Paul Candlish.
Andy Purves Phil Walton
Carl Hall Joe Riddle.
Sam Noble Carl Hall.
Mark Wise Ray Coulthard.
Andy Gray Colin Davison.
Aaron Nichols. David Hines
James Gray
Mark Marsh
Dave Swainson

The way the process works is that it’s up to both parties to agree how much time will be available and how it will be used. It can be as simple as a phone call.   As we hope to have all of our referees video’d over the season you will also be able to look at how they are doing even if you can’t be there in person. It’s also a fact that the coach will learn as much as the person being coached so be prepared to be surprised.Thanks in anticipation for your participation and enjoy the experience.