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Founded in 1895

New League Structure.

Despite the 2021-2022 rugby season having only 2 months to go, there is still no clear information on what the new league structure will take in September.  Durham County voted not to let 2nd teams into the league structure by 22 votes to 6.  On top of the straight league restructure it is expected that Federations will be required to take over the appointments and administration for all officials for operating at level 5 with a total lack of clarity about how the next step to level 4 is to be managed.  

It is expected that some information will be released soon but the delay will mean a very busy closed season for Society and Federation Administrators/officials

Head Injury – Important Reminder

 All Match Officials should be aware that Head Injury Assessments (HIA) are NOT permitted at the Community Rugby level.  This means all games that Durham Society Referees would be appointed to.  All match officials should ensure that they understand that if a player displays one or more observable signs or symptoms of concussion they should be removed from the pitch immediately and should not be allowed to return, irrespective of any alternative opinions held by the player, their team mates, coaches or physios.  RFU Head Injury information

Match Official Abuse and more.

All members will have experienced Match Official Abuse, and appealing, backchat or the challenging of their decisions.
 It appears that this is a growing concern throughout the country and Durham County Referees’ Society have certainly experienced some disturbing examples of this unacceptable behaviour.

Mike Priestley, the Chair of the Rugby Football Union Referees’ CB has issued a request of everyone to refresh your stance in relation to behaviour that goes against the core game values.  Please Read 

Society Training Meeting.

Due to the recent storms the February training meeting was postponed.  The next meeting is on
Date:  Friday 25th February 2022
Time:  7.30 pm (19:30)
Venue:  Durham City RFC, DH1 3JU.

  • Management

 Unfortunately it has been very difficult to appoint to games on anything other than a weekly basis this season.

This is mainly due to the many changes that have been occurring and the variability in clubs being able to turn out teams week in – week out

It is hoped to return to the normal monthly appointment process before the end of the season.

Society Membership
Members are reminded that if they need any kit to contact David Sawyer who is currently offering significant discounts!

Due to the Corona Virus disruption to the 2020-2021 season it has been agreed by the Board of Directors that the 2019-2020 membership will be extended by 1 year until the 31st August 2021


DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) 

All referees are encouraged to ensure they have had A DBS Check.  It is an essential requirement for anyone that is to be involved in officiating an Age Grade game


The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all aspects of our lives including rugby

My Name’5 Doddie Foundation

Durham Referees’ Society support a very deserving charity