Training Programme for 2016-2017

The training meeting programme for 2016-2017

The meetings are interactive and inclusive and use a range of resources including videos of Durham refs in action – Come and join in

August – Theme ‘Welcome to the new season’ – Focus ‘Minor Law Changes, Refereeing Juniors & Preparation’; preliminary coach/buddy pairings

Sept – Theme ‘Managing the Game’ – Focus ‘Maul & Lineout’ (Review Law Amendments)

Oct – Theme ‘Preparing to Perform’ – Focus ‘Positioning & Offside’ (Weather Permitting with practical)

Nov – Theme ‘Coping with Difficult Situations’ – Focus ‘Managing Foul Play & Sanctions’

Dec – Theme ‘3 Wise Men’ (Questions from the Membership)

Jan – Theme ‘How to Coach & Be Coached’ Focus ‘Tackle & Breakdown’

Feb – Theme ‘Communicating with the Front Row Union’ – Focus ‘Scrum’

March – Theme ‘Dealing with Game Variations’ – Focus ‘Sevens & Touch’

April – THE SOCIAL & Quiz