Training Programme 2023-2024

The Society holds a Training and Development meeting on the 3rd Friday of the Month
The meetings are open events so everyone is welcome.
It would be good to see Club Referees and Coaches.
Attending meetings is important to keep up to date and clarify how the laws should be applied.
The meetings are interactive and inclusive and use a range of resources including videos of Durham refs in action – Come and join in
August – Tackle Height and Beyond – Understanding and                     Managing the New Domestic Law Variation.
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Tackle Height DLV meetings
To assist with the implementation of the new Tackle Height Domestic Law Variation the Training and Development Group of the Durham Society are planning a number of meetings across the County where the Society’s trained “Tackle Champions” will deliver the message on how this law is intended to be applied in a competent and sensible way.  All are welcome – details of the next meeting is below.



Monthly Society Training Meeting



Date:  THURSDAY 17th August, 2023.


Time:  Commencing at 7.30pm (1930hrs).


Venue  Durham City RFC, Hollow Drift, Green Lane, Durham, DH1 3JU.


Topics:  Tackle Height and Beyond – Understanding and Managing the New Domestic Law Variation.


We look forward to seeing you on what is a very important topic.


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RFU Domestic Law Variation Series