May 2016 Grading List

Durham County Rugby Football Union Referees’ Society

Referees’ Grades – Season 2015-16

May 2016

 RFU Panel

John Meredith
Will Halford

 Former RFU Panel

John S. Denham
John M. Pearson
Alan Hughes
Brendan Fitzmaurice

 RFU – ARs

Derek Blake
Charl Erasmus

 Level  5

Carl Hall

 Level  6

Barrett Aldwinckle
Ieuan Davies *
Matt Dunn *
Mark Harrington
Lewis Harrison*
Mark Jude
(Adam Morrison*)
Paul Musgrave
Nikki O’Donnell

 Level  7

Les Cash
Paul Candlish
Colin Davison
Gareth Foreman*
Hamish Grant*
David Hines
Michael Hodgson
Tony Jenkins*
Alex Mackinder*
Paul Mackings
Ray Sutherland
David Swainson
Philip Walton
Andrew Wilson

 Level  8

Trevor Alley
Gilbert Costello
Derek English
Phil Jukes*
Kevin Lund
Nick Moore
(Mark Smith)
Andrew Purves
Tony Rutherford
Mark West
Simon Williams *
Mark Wise

 Level  9

Simon Ashton
Wes Crowther
Frank Cruise
(Chris Evans)
John Forester
Michael George
Andy Grey
(Mick Hannon)
Tim Hilditch
Alan Irvin
Mick Leng
Gary McKay
Mark Moss*
Adrian Rose*
Kevin Scott
Alan Thompson

 Level  10

Shaun Cox
David Donaldson
Dominic Warby

 Level  11

David Bennett
Lindsay Evans
Duncan Moore
Aaron Nichols
Sam Noble
Mark Piert


Not Normally Available for Saturday Appointment
Ian Astley
Tony Fox
John Heselwood
Huw Lacey
Lewis Lacey
Malcolm Shorney
Peter Studd   (8)
Peter Watson

 Junior Section


* Federation Development Squad.

Relative positions determined from reports to date.

Names within the grade are in alphabetical order.   ( – ) indicates Not available due to injury

.Fitness requirements – Season 2016-17

Every referee is encouraged to pass the fitness test.  Those wishing to be considered for appointment at Levels 5 and 6 in September must pass the appropriate fitness test by Tuesday 2nd August 2016.  Anyone at level 6 or above who has not passed their fitness test by 31st October 2016 will automatically be moved to level 7.  Anyone moved down to 7 due to fitness test not being completed will only return to level 6 through the normal grading process (ie passing their fitness test after the 31st October will NOT enable them to return to their original grade)