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Minor Law Change

World Rugby has announced that, with immediate effect, it will no longer be possible to score a try by grounding the ball against the post protector

Uncontested scrummages

Some of you may have noticed some discussions regarding what happens when a team has to go to uncontested scrummages due to either and injury or a yellow or Red card being shown to a front row player. Unfortunately like with other points of law there seems to be a range of opinions from the […]

Nigel Owens explains the tackle law

Referees and Players are struggling to understand the interpretation of the tackle law – This may help clarify some of the issues  – Nigel Owens explains the tackle law

Law implementation changes from January 3rd 2017

From January 3rd 2017 there is a significant step in the interpretation of the law and the sanctions that are being applied for reckless and dangerous tackles particularly to the head and neck area In a change to law, World Rugby has redefined illegal (high) tackle categories and increased sanctions to deter high tackles via […]

Annual Federation Meeting

Annual Federation Meeting The annual federation meeting was held on Sunday 9th August. Michael Patz gave an excellent presentation regarding the World Rugby Priorities – Law Application Guidelines. After lunch there were more presentations covered interesting and thought provoking topics ‘Support for Match Observers’ Michael Patz. ‘How to get your message across’ Will Halford.  North Federation Squad Co-ordinator. ‘What does a […]