Coronavirus COVID-19


The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact across the world and not surprisingly it has impacted on sport including rugby.

Most, if indeed not everyone will agree that rugby at the moment is not that important and all thoughts must be with those effected.

The RFU announced that all rugby activity would be suspended from the 17th March 2020 until the 14th April 2020 (click here) and this approach will be under constant review and change as appropriate. It is potentially a longer term issue and there is a question as to whether it will effect the start or even the majority of next season rather than any short term thought of how the current season will finish.

Durham have currently cancelled all training events, committee meetings etc

There are many trying to 2nd guess how promotion and relegation may be resolved and various clubs will more importantly be considering how they will survive with bars closed and summer fundraising events probably having to be cancelled.
Hopefully things will be resolved quickly but in the mean time stay safe.

See RFU Community Game Coronavirus (Covid-19) update